Japan death toll rises

Japan death toll rises

As the death toll in Japan rises to 8,133 following the earthquake and tsunami that struck nine days ago, two survivors have been found in the rubble of Ishinomaki city.

An 80 year old woman and a young boy who is thought to be her grandson were pulled out from the wreckage alive in the last few hours.

Police have recently indicated that 15, 000 people might have been killed in Miyagi alone following the natural disasters.

Meanwhile 12,272 people are still missing as engineers battle to prevent a meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

International experts and engineers have been working around the clock to restore power supplies to the plant’s cooling systems, which were disabled by the tsunami.


Radiation levels are reported to have risen in Tokyo, Japan’s capital, but officials claim that the levels recorded are not harmful.

Japanese officials have also reported radioactive contamination that has been found in some food products including iodine in milk and spinach. Radioactive iodine at levels has been found Tokyo’s tap water.

Yukio Edano, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, has said the Japanese government would make a decision by Monday whether to restrict consumption and shipments of food products from the area in the vicinity of the Fukushima plant.

The FCO is advising against all non essential travel to Tokyo and north eastern Japan given the damage caused by the earthquake and resulting aftershocks and tsunami. They have advised British Nationals in Toyo to consider leaving the area due to the ‘evolving situation at the Fukishima nuclear facility.