Extraordinary Spa Experiences At Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Switzerland

Extraordinary Spa Experiences At Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Switzerland

The recently revamped Swiss health retreat has just unveiled a comprehensive new spa menu featuring some highly unusual wellbeing experiences, along with the classic favourites from beauty brands such as La Prairie and Sisley. Here is a taste of the more unusual:

Sound Journeys                                                          

Soothing sounds can bring about a state of deep relaxation and transport you to a beautifully calm world. Sound journeys relax the mind and harmonise body and soul. It becomes easy to relinquish familiar thought patterns, and new possibilities arise for productive and creative thought processes.


Tibetan Singing Bowl Massage                                                  


This sound journey involves singing bowls of differing sizes, made of 12 different types of metal, being placed on the body and made to vibrate by a therapist. The resulting resonance penetrates through the whole body and makes mind and soul pulsate. The massage leads to deep relaxation, as sound appeals to a persons sense of trust and thereby induces a willingness to let go. Tensions and blockages are thus gently released and the body is led to achieve a sense of harmony. An ancient treatment, it is thought that singing bowls originated in India and the Himalayas in the region of present-day Tibet. The tradition goes back at least 5000 years. From 120 Euros for 50 minutes.


Tam Tam Gong Massage                                                  

In this case, a singing bowl massage begins with the playing of a large Tam Tam Gong. The Tam Tam Gong is a large curved disc consisting of the same metals as the singing bowl. Played by the therapist, the Tam Tam Gong creates a very powerful unique vibrating sound. This gong-playing provides time to settle in the treatment room and the sound of the gong encourages deep relaxation. From 167 Euros for 75 minutes.


Sequoia Grand Massage

A unique new treatment available exclusively at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the Sequoia Grand Massage begins with a short, meditative breathing exercise and a detoxifying Kneipp alternating hot and cold footbath followed by soothing foot reflexology. The subsequent whole body â??Pantha Jamaâ? massage in combination with warm oil lends your body optimum relaxation and regeneration. Fresh local herbs are wrapped in a muslin compress which is used to pummel the body rather than bare hands as in a standard massage. The result is a fully unknotted body and a feeling of complete calm and rejuvenation. From 200 Euros for 90 minutes.


Spinal Column Treatment

A gentle, energizing back massage that releases mental and physical tensions and helps to prevent and ease spinal disc problems. The use of St. Johns Wort Oil helps to stimulate the regeneration of undernourished spinal discs in this treatment. From 63 Euros for 25 minutes.


Lomi Lomi Nui Hawaiian massage ritual

A beneficial combination of connective tissue massage and gentle loosening of the joints, this is an energetic healing treatment. Long, slow stroking movements with both hands and lower arms in combination with relaxing oils create a feeling of weightlessness and fundamental security. From 173 Euros for 90 minutes.


Napshell® - The new power napping

The new Napshells® at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz are the perfect spot for a refreshing afternoon sleep or brief nap. A creativity-boosting nap may not qualify as a formal spa treatment but it does work to counteract the biorhythmic midday-low and significantly boosts reaction times, performance and concentration. The resorts Personal Coach will be pleased to instruct you in this meditative regeneration technique. From 33 Euros for 20 minutes.