easyJet introduces new designed lightweight seats

easyJet introduces new designed lightweight seats

easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, is today introducing new, lightweight and more comfortable seats onboard all of its new aircraft. The first of 14 new aircraft with the new seats onboard is being delivered today with the remainder due for delivery between now and the end of next summer.

The look of the cabin has also been redesigned to create a more modern feel. The new seat cover is grey with orange accents and is complimented by a new carpet and specially designed easyJet orange aisle lighting.

The SL3510 seat, ergonomically designed and manufactured by Recaro, optimises a combination of foams to provide the best comfort and support for the passenger. The backrest is at a 15 degree angle for a relaxed seating position and the slimmer backrest provides more space for passengers. As well as the customer benefits the new seat will also improve fuel efficiency and reduce C02 emissions due to the seat being lighter.

Peter Duffy, Marketing Director for easyJet, commented:
“easyJet has chosen the Recaro seat because we really believe that it will provide a more comfortable flight and that our passengers will notice the difference.

“It has been ergonomically designed with the comfort of the passenger top of mind so the backrest angle is pre-defined for a relaxed sitting position and the seat is designed to provide more space for passengers.


“easyJet’s new seat selection also has the passengers’ wallets in mind - the lighter weight brings fuel savings which in turn enables us to continue to maintain our low fares – even when fuel prices remain at historic highs.”

Recaro, based in Germany, is a global supplier of premium aircraft seats. The new seats offer greater simplicity with over 100 fewer parts. The Recaro developers have focused on the seat’s ergonomic qualities. The netting in the aluminum frame conforms to the shape of the passenger’s spine. Because of the slim backrest, the seat also offers a maximum of space, meaning that passengers enjoy a very comfortable flight.
Recaro Aircraft Seating has won several awards for this innovative and environmentally sustainable seat development, including the industry’s Crystal Cabin Award in the “Industrial Design/Interior Concept” category.

The new, lightweight seat is just one example of easyJet’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. The airline has always scrutinised all aspects of its flying to ensure it operates in the most efficient way. Due to easyJet’s simple, efficient operations an easyJet passenger’s carbon footprint is already 22% less than a passenger on a traditional airline flying on the same route and aircraft.

Along with the new seat easyJet is also introducing lightweight trolleys onboard as well as aerodynamic improvements like sharklets, an enlarged wing tip which makes the wing more efficient.