Eastern Europe is travel’s new black reveals Cheapflights UK

Eastern Europe is travel’s new black reveals Cheapflights UK

As the new decade opens up new realms of possibility, it also shapes new travel trends along with a 52 percent increase in search on last year

Cheapflights UK, the UK’s leading price comparison site, reveals it’s out with the west and in with the east when it comes to European breaks in 2010.

“Brits are heading in the direction of Eastern Europe en masse,” says Nadine Hallak, spokesperson for Cheapflights UK.


“Our viewer searches show a massive increase in interest for the region, and it’s clear why.  Last year showed a recessional shift toward long and mid-haul destinations, and as the economic downturn continues to linger, travellers are casting their nets a bit closer to home where the offering in price is similar to that of mid-haul, and the attractions are broad and endless,” continues Hallak.



The website’s top three Eastern European destinations to increase in search are:


1)  Dubrovnik    106% up

2)  Warsaw      102% up

3)  Prague      62% up

*Comparison of search for first week of January 2010 against same period in 2009


And these aren’t the only numbers that are on the rise.  Cheapflights UK is also reporting a 52 percent increase in overall search figures compared to last year.  Given that this number is based on the first five days of January alone, the travel forecast for 2010 is looking very positive with emerging destinations providing the perfect cocktail of enticing reasons to visit.


Eastern Europe is similar in both distance and flight price to the Eurozone yet its ground costs are equal if not even lower than those of mid-haul destinations.

Dubrovnik offers a stunning mix of city break and during the warmer months, breathtaking beaches.  Although it tends to attract the A list likes of celebs such as Sharon Stone and Tom Cruise, with 4-star hotels available from a mere £49 per night, and flights starting at £178 return, it’s fit for the bargain hunter too.


A popular tourist destination for the last decade, Prague can hardly be referred to as ‘emerging’ in this regard.  Nevertheless it continues to generate even more appeal in 2010, which is no doubt partly attributable to the rise in popularity of its region as a whole.  Thankfully, all this attention has yet to equal inflated prices with hotel costs starting as low as £20 a night, beer costs from £0.7, and flight prices from just £56 return.  Not a bad deal at all for a chance to hop on a tour of the magical Prague Castle.


While Warsaw serves up tourist attractions such as the Royal Castle and the Palace of Culture and Science, this particular destination is also a popular business hub for companies outsourcing activity to Eastern Europe as well as those looking to build working relationships between Poland and the UK.  With hotel prices starting from £35 per night, and flights from £137 return, a visit to this town, whether for business or pleasure, is definitely a good deal.