Deccan Charters and Taj Air come together to launch ‘Powerfly’

Deccan Charters and Taj Air come together to launch ‘Powerfly’

Deccan Charters Ltd - a leading aviation services company of India, Taj Air – the executive charter service of IHCL, and Business Jets India Private Ltd (BJETS) today announced a significant collaboration to launch a new alliance in the air charter industry - called POWERFLY. The collaboration will leverage the synergies of the three brands and their fleets and is poised to become a considerable force. The collaboration includes a Marketing, Maintenance and Operational Support agreement between Deccan Charters and BJETS. The collaboration was announced today in Mumbai in a joint press conference addressed by Mr. R K Krishna Kumar - Director, Tata Sons and Vice Chairman, Indian Hotels Company Ltd. and Capt. G R Gopinath, Chairman and Managing Director, Deccan Charters Ltd. Powerfly will commence operations from 14th February 2011, and will accept bookings with immediate effect.

In accordance with the agreement, Deccan Charters will be the exclusive Marketing Concessionaire for BJETS aircraft in India and will work on developing, expanding and consolidating the market across the country through Powerfly. The combined fleet will be available through various programs including adhoc charters and memberships, loyalty programmes that extend across all three brands and the various hotels of Taj and membership options. Powerfly membership will provide a unique first of its kind of solution where the customer can customize his own program by mixing and matching from the wide choice of aircraft provided through the alliance. Powerfly will be a comprehensive offering to the end consumer who will now have a wider choice of aircraft, more reach and a wider geographic network coverage. This is a significant deal in the chartered airline business in India as Deccan Charters, Taj Air and BJETS will grow in size, influence and network while they will draw on each others strengths and synergize on operations.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. R K Krishna Kumar, Director, Tata Sons and Vice-Chairman, Indian Hotels Company Ltd. said, “We are very happy to partner with Capt. Gopinath and Deccan Charters. We believe that the air charter service industry in India has immense potential. While Taj Air, Deccan Charters and BJETS all have their individual strengths and strongholds in the business, this collaboration will bring together a new force that will catalyze the sector. Powerfly will be a win-win for the end consumers as it increases their options. While Deccan Charters have their own fleet of aircraft, Taj Air and BJETS will add value to their existing portfolio with our distinct and stellar fleet. Powerfly will soon change the face of the chartered airline sector in India”

Speaking about this agreement, Capt. G R Gopinath, Chairman & Managing Director, Deccan Charters Ltd., said “We are very happy to be joining hands with Taj Air and BJETS to form Powerfly. India has seen an unprecedented growth in commercial aviation over the last few years. This alliance will fuel growth in the general aviation industry and provide entrepreneurs and professionals greater flexibility to conduct their business and reach remote destinations through these airplanes and helicopters. While we have our existing portfolio of 16 aircraft, Taj Air and BJETS will now bring three Hawker 850XPs and the Cessna Citation CJ-2, along with the P180 Avanti and the Falcons – thereby enhancing our portfolio of aircraft”

Powerfly will combine the fleets of all three brands and will indeed empower the customer to make a better choice. The booking process will henceforth be integrated so the customer would be able to book any sector, any airline at any budget at a ‘one-stop-shop’. Also, with Taj InnerCircle coming on board, customers can earn and burn points on this programme at Taj properties or flying with Powerfly. Powerfly will give the end-user the advantage of a wider choice, a better geographical coverage and more reach – all at a price point convenient to the customer. Also, during the period of the agreement, Deccan Charters will provide BJETS with repair and maintenance service for its fleet and conduct scheduled inspections as per the requirements of DGCA.