Cheapflights shines spotlight on Latin America

Cheapflights shines spotlight on Latin America

Latin America is geographically so close and yet culturally so far away. To help inspire travelers to explore the many countries and climates of the region,, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, has compiled a list of Top 10 Latin America Destinations. also offers How to Save on your Trip to Latin America, the latest in a series of guides to cheaper and better travel, containing practical tips on cost cutting for trips to Latin America.

“As our meteorological flip side, Latin America stands as the quintessential escape from whatever season you’re enduring in North America. A far-reaching region, it offers vast extremes in both cultural and geographical experiences,” says Andrea Mooney, site editor for “It’s versatile by nature, and offers everything from scorching beaches to skiing altitudes and from culinary delicacies to the ultimate change of pace.”

Below are some of the Latin America destinations to make the list:

Buenos Aires, Argentina - A city that tangos its way into the hearts of travelers, Buenos Aires is the stylish capital of Argentina. It boasts high fashion and distinct architecture, and a serious love for gaucho parties that celebrate a love of food and wine. Search and compare flights to Buenos Aires to hang with the portenos. Flights from San Francisco start at $785 round trip.

Rio de Janeiro - The world adores it for Carnival, but Rio is truly a year-round city. Nicknamed the “Marvelous City,” it has a laid-back attitude supplemented only with the high energy of Samba, nightclubs and music. Rio shows off its natural side through white-sand beaches like Ipanema and Copacabana, as well as rainforests and a world-renowned harbor. Search and compare flights to Rio for the best of both worlds. Flights from Boston start at $699 round trip.


Caye Caulker, Belize -Almost a secret, Caye Caulker is a tiny coral island off the coast of Belize. Once you’re there, think beyond white-sand beaches: This place has white-sand streets. No cars are allowed, golf carts are the only form of motorized transportation, and residents tout a “no shoes” motto.” Search and compare flights to Belize to take manatee tours, sea kayaking lessons and wind surfing rides in Caye Caulker. Flights from Atlanta start at $485 round trip.

Roatan, Honduras - Roatan is the largest and most popular of the Bay Islands, and for good reason – there’s something here for everyone. Touted as a snorkeler and diver’s paradise, the island is saturated in rich, living reef, and offers a relentless number of underwater species. On land, stroll through botanical gardens, butterfly and iguana farms and family recreational areas. Search and compare flights to Honduras to discover Roatan. Flights from Houston to Roatan start at $527 round trip.’s list of Top 10 Latin America destinations also includes the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina, Chile’s Easter Island, the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu in Peru and Uruguay’s Montevideo.

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In addition, to help make sure travelers can get the most out of a trip to Latin America, our experts compiled a How-to Guide for stretching your travel budget when heading south:

·      Make the dollar work for you. Traveling to Latin America when the currency exchange is at its best will increase your chances of saving, especially on a last-minute trip. Compare rates for countries that are close to each other so you save on travel within them as well as living expenses from place to place.

·      Go local. Everyone touts the idea traveling like a local and not a tourist, but in order to truly follow the motto, it needs to encompass all parts of your trip. Stay with a family that rents out their guesthouse instead of spending money on a expensive accommodations – you’ll learn more about the culture, save more than you would on a chain hotel and give directly back to the local economy. Locals will also tell you the best places to eat, shop, and most importantly – the best places to avoid.


·      Time it just right. Latin America is known for hosting world-class festivals all year long. These parties make the region unique, but they’re also what can make flights expensive. Do a little research on your travel dates to see if a major festival is happening at the same time. A good general rule of thumb to follow is to book 30-90 days in advance if you’re trying to score a deal for the festival, or to travel at least two weeks after a festival if you’re trying to avoid it.