introduces ‘online help’ feature introduces ‘online help’ feature - CRX is pleased to announce the addition of convenient Online Help, embedded directly in its Rental Center, answering many consumer questions during the rental process. Information about insurance, operating hours, foreign drivers licenses, and other helpful subjects are placed at the visitors fingertips.

There are so many places on the web these days for travelers to search for airline, hotel, and car rental reservations. In fact there are too many places to look and to find things without a ton of work. Each travel site presents things slightly differently as it takes a while to be able to navigate them efficiently. The CRX goal since 1999 has been to make online booking easy. Online Help during the rental process contributes to that goal.

Sometimes the online rental process is really easy. A traveler can click through a step-by-step booking, heading straight for a confirmed reservation. But wait a minute. There are so many questions that arise during that quick and easy process, and in many cases, the answers are hard to find.
For airlines check-in times are all important. Check-in time applies to car rentals too, but there may be some more flexibility.

At - CRX, Online Help now conveniently provides answers to questions about late pickup. Will the car still be available? Is there a fee for late arrival? Does the agency monitor flight arrivals? All of these details are important to someone traveling by air, especially in bad weather.

CRX Online Help will provide answers to other frequently asked questions, through each step of the rental center process. Is insurance mandatory? Is it covered by credit card or existing auto insurance? What are the policies on roadside breakdown? Will there be assistance and an alternate vehicle available? Making online reservations only after these questions are answered makes a lot of sense.

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