Best Customer Relationship Award For, a company that provides technology and customer service solutions to franchise travel agencies, today announced it has received a Microsoft Industry Solution Award in the category of Best Customer Relationship Portal for its customisation of Onyx Software to deploy a distributed customer relationship management (CRM) system that meets the needs of consumers and travel agents by providing a seamless customer experience via its company web site, customer care centre and brick-and-mortar network of franchise travel agencies.`s technology platform, which integrates the Onyx Employee Portal CRM program with automatic call distribution (ACD) software from CosmoCom, Inc., routes customer leads to the appropriate travel agent based on select criteria, including geographic area and skills-based routing. Agents and their customers are able to communicate through multiple channels - over the phone, e-mail, Internet live chat, voice over IP (Internet Protocol) and video teleconferencing. A detailed CRM application that is rich in customer information, including travel preferences and transactional history, enables the agent to provide the highest level of customer service in all communication modes. Other CRM features include call queues, automated task creation for automatic follow-up on customer inquiries, customer service incident tracking, ROI analysis of marketing campaigns and agent best practices. Benefits to the travel agent include more qualified sales leads, improved close ratio and superior customer loyalty, resulting in an estimated 20 percent increase in revenues annually. Next month the GartnerGroup will publish a case study titled and its use of E-CRM. The report states that during the mid-90s many enterprises assumed that the adoption of the Internet meant channel partner disintermediation. However, in the majority of situations, channel partners will continue to provide value-added services to customer relationships. The entire ByeByeNOW system is based on a modern code set utilising Microsoft standards, including Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, SQL Server 7 Enterprise Addition, and Active Server Pages (ASP). The browser based thin client architecture improves efficiency of deployment, upgrades and ease of adoption for users.
The company is currently deploying to its technology platform to its network of franchise travel agencies, operating under the name Travel Stores, located throughout the United States and Canada.