PATA Slates Tech Seminar on Travel and Tourism in the New Economy

BANGKOK, The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Asia Division, together with the PATA Singapore Chapter, is organising a technology seminar entitled “Travel and Tourism in The New Economy,” October 23-24, 2000 at The Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore.
The last few years have seen many tourism companies setting up Web sites, in the hope of tapping an additional revenue-generating source. In response to this, PATA’s “Travel and Tourism in The New Economy” seminar will highlight how the Internet has revolutionised the travel and tourism industry. It will also examine how technology is changing our industry’s distribution patterns, alliances, booking systems and marketing theories.
Ms. Sheila Leong, PATA’s Senior Director-Asia, said, “Many of our members are wondering what will become of their companies as a result of this information technology revolution. We hope to help seminar participants gain a firmer grip on their future in light of the constant changes in the world of IT.”
The two-day event will bring together middle and senior level IT-savvy management executives from within the tourism industry and beyond to address new commercial strategies and explore the latest technologies.
A keynote address focusing on the online travel marketplace will set the tone for Travel & Tourism in the New Economy. A line-up of plenary sessions, panel discussions and breakout sessions aims to update participants on the latest trends of e-business and e-branding, online advertising and e-travel.
One highlight of the seminar agenda is an interactive forum on “Threats or Opportunities to Agents in the New Economy.” A panel of experts will engage in a thought-provoking question-and-answer forum with Ms. Yeoh Siew Hoon, Editorial Director of TravelWeekly East, on the key issues that must be addressed as the industry re-engineers itself for the new economy.
The closing session on 3G technology will include “Surfing The Web at 35,000 Feet” by Mr. Jon Kiehnau, Managing Director of Emphasis Custom Media, and a presentation on how WAP-enabled hand phones and devices will make e-travel better tomorrow.
“One of the main objectives of this seminar is to encourage industry members to go beyond the traditional first-generation brochure Web site and pursue e-commerce business solutions and opportunities to effectively administer travel and tourism businesses in the new economy,” said Ms. Leong.
Per-person registration fees for the seminar are US$80 for PATA members, US$120 for PATA chapter members and US$280 for non-PATA members.
The seminar programme, together with registration information, hotel rates and air discounts, is available online at