Delta’s Wired Workforce Kits Reach 50,000 Employees

Delta Gives Employees the ability to Surf the Internet with Discounted Computers and Unlimited Internet Access
ATLANTA,—Delta Air Lines now has mailed Wired Workforce enrollment kits to 50,000 employees, about two-thirds of its world-wide work force. Currently, more than 12,000 U.S.-based Delta and Delta Technology employees have already ordered or received Wired Workforce computers. Employees have three years to take advantage of the program.
Delta’s Wired Workforce program equips employees with discounted computers as well as unlimited Internet and company intranet access. All U.S.-based employees will receive enrollment kits by the end of September. Eligible international employees will receive enrollment kits beginning this fall.
“As a recognized airline industry technology leader, Delta wants all its employees to have the opportunity to become familiar with, and take advantage of this new technology,” said Leo Mullin, Delta chairman and chief executive officer. “The successful initial employee response to the Wired Workforce program shows that Delta people understand the significance of this new technology. They are eager to bridge the ‘digital divide’ and experience the advantages and convenience these computers and this Web access will bring to their lives.”
In addition to unlimited Internet access, Delta is creating a dynamic environment for improved communications through secure access to Delta and Delta Technology’s intranet sites, DeltaNet and InfoNet.
“We recognize that every employee needs to be connected to take advantage of interactive communications with their company,” said Bob DeRodes, president and chief executive officer of Delta Technology, Inc. “We also know that improved technology skills and Internet awareness will enable our people to perform their jobs better, and that will ultimately improve service to our customers.”
Through Delta’s voluntary Wired Workforce program, any interested employee can acquire a complete computer package for as little as $12 a month for 36 months. Delta supplies unlimited Internet and secure intranet access with each machine. Employees who already own a computer can opt to receive only the Internet and intranet access, provided at no cost.
Partnering with PeoplePC, Delta announced the Wired Workforce program in February and now mails 10,000 Wired Workforce enrollment kits per week.
“As Delta employees join our membership base in ever increasing numbers, we will continue to provide them with the excellence in computing experience and membership benefits that have become synonymous with PeoplePC,” said Nick Grouf, CEO of PeoplePC. “We look forward to an ongoing partnership with Delta to enhance ways the company communicates and collaborates with their employees.”
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Delta Technology, Inc. is Delta’s wholly owned technology subsidiary that creates innovative technology solutions for the airline. The company’s customer service innovations have won accolades from employees and customers, received multiple awards, and been honored by the Smithsonian Institution for technology innovation. Delta Technology is fast becoming the first name in travel technology. Visit for more information.
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