Sabre introduces next generation suite of travel agency e-commerce tools

Sabre Holdings Corporation (NYSE: TSG) - the IT leader for travel and transportation - today unveiled Sabre eVoyaSM, its next generation of e-products and e-services. This new technology suite assists Sabre Connected travel agencies to compete and win in the e-commerce world.

Sabre eVoya will provide travel agencies a browser-based desktop enabling agents to access the Sabre system over any IP network. It provides both agents and travelers wireless access to Sabre content from any interactive device, including personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones and two-way pagers. It seamlessly integrates content from the Sabre system and the Internet. Additionally, it offers the convenience of end-to-end online customer service, from ordering to billing to training to support.

“Our customers are evolving and transforming their businesses,” said Sam Gilliland, senior vice president of product marketing for Sabre. “Sabre eVoya reaffirms our commitment to providing our customers with the tools needed to succeed in this new business environment. Sabre eVoya represents the transformation of our entire line of traditional products and services into a new line of e-products and e-services.”

It’s About Choice
Sabre eVoya enables Sabre Connected agencies to quickly and easily select the right-sized technology that meets their business needs. Agencies can choose the “desktop” reservations software that meets their specific business needs. Agencies select the right TCP/IP “delivery” option and benefit from industry exclusive integration of the world’s largest single source of travel “content” - the Sabre system - and the Internet. Agencies are equipped with the “tools” needed to best service their customers. And when agencies need support from Sabre, it is just a click away.

Desktop - Sabre eVoya provides agencies the flexibility to interface with the Sabre system as they choose, whether through an easy to use graphical interface or using traditional formats. With Sabre eVoya, agencies can utilize any of Sabre’s industry leading desktop reservation software via an Internet connection, offering enhanced flexibility and cost effectiveness.


Delivery - Sabre eVoya provides travel agencies the flexibility to access information anytime and anywhere. Small agencies and large global organizations alike select the best connectivity options to suit their needs, from cost-effective Internet connectivity to custom network solutions. Sabre will soon offer a National Service Provider (NSP) solution that combines the benefits of low-cost public IP network connectivity with the reliability of a service level agreement normally associated with more costly dedicated network connectivity.

Content - Sabre eVoya technology provides the best single source of bookable travel products and services in the world. Sabre eVoya also provides agencies easy access to destination and other travel information enabling agencies to better serve their customers. Specialty Bookings on the AgentExplorerSM Internet site provides agencies access to unique services such as day trips, adventure travel, event tickets, bed & breakfasts stays, theme parks and more. “The vast resources of the Sabre system and the best of the Internet are integrated seamlessly onto the desktops of Sabre Connected travel agents. Specialty Bookings represents an industry first by seamlessly integrating an Internet booking into a Sabre PNR,” according to Gilliland.

Tools - Sabre eVoya provides agencies the value-added solutions they need to compete in the world of online travel, better serve their clients, more effectively manage their agency and enjoy enhanced access to Sabre support services.

eStorefront tools provide the technologies and support agencies need to create and grow their Web storefronts, combining the power and reliability of the Sabre system with the opportunities of the Internet. The Sabre eVoya eStorefront includes a suite of powerful developer tools, ranging from Sabre Data Source to the 32-bit Common Sabre API to Sabre Databahn, a patented solution providing “any-to-any” data translation and conversion capabilities. In addition, agencies have the option of using the Sabre Web Reservations booking engine and have access to complete web hosting.

eCare offerings enable agencies to deliver a higher level of service to their clients and build customer loyalty. Exclusive products include Sabre® Virtually ThereSM Web site and destination guides, and the AgentExplorer Internet site. eCare tools also include industry leading air pricing capabilities such as the Sabre FlightFinder fare led pricing tool, another Sabre exclusive, and the new Sabre Clearance Fare Outlet. New partnerships with OracleMobile and FusionOne enable travelers booking through a Sabre Connected agency to access their travel information and book through any web-enabled handheld device, and then automatically synchronize updated travel plans across their handheld organizers and desktop calendars.

eManagement solutions help agencies better manage their day-to-day operations. The suite of tools includes Sabre?’ TravelBase and TRAMS accounting and information systems, as well as the Unused Electronic Ticket Report enabling agents to quickly assist customers with refunds or reuse of unused tickets.

eServices provides convenient, online access to Sabre customer support services, such as online training, equipment ordering, tracking and online diagnostics. Sabre Connected agencies will also have online access to their invoice and booking reports. eServices online training options include a broad choice of Web-based, self-paced training modules, quick reference guides and live instructor-led workshops via the online learning and conference center.

New Voyage for the Travel Industry
“The travel industry is rapidly evolving. Sabre eVoya ensures our customers are well equipped to succeed in this changing marketplace,” said Gilliland. “Sabre eVoya is e-everything. To help customers evolve with technology, we’re making it easier than ever to take advantage of our innovations.”