Travelocity Launches the Latest in Savings and Convenience

Travelocity today introduced Travelocity TotalTrip(TM) technology, its new dynamic shopping engine that allows consumers to book airfare and hotels together in just a few simple clicks, giving them access to special rates not available when booking components separately.

Booking together with Travelocity TotalTrip provides significant discounts for consumers versus booking airline tickets and hotel rooms in separate transactions. The new technology also offers value-added travel planning and booking tools that give consumers the most flexibility in customizing their trip.

The new technology broadens Travelocity`s ability to use specially negotiated wholesale, or merchant, rates for airfare and hotels, meaning consumers get greater access to discounts on their travel purchases. Travelocity TotalTrip is accessible through the re-designed Travelocity homepage under the heading “Book Together and Save” or at any “Get It Together” ad running on Travelocity.

“Our customers tell us that price, value and ease of use continue to be the determining factors in today`s travel planning,” said Sam Gilliland
, Travelocity president and CEO. “Booking multiple parts of your trip together in real-time is the most cost-effective way to buy travel online, and it`s easy.”

“Consumers can find numerous everyday examples where buying together translates into savings,” said Jeff Glueck, Travelocity`s vice president of packaging. “In fast food, for example, you order a combo meal—burger, fries and drink—together and pay less than if you ordered them separately. This is the aim we`re now taking with Travelocity TotalTrip for the travel industry.”


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