Sabre Travel Network Strengthens Ties with BTI UK

Sabre Travel Network
and travel management company BTI UK have signed a pan-European contract that will enable both companies to service BTI’s corporate customers on the Sabre global distribution system (GDS).

There are significant travel management benefits stemming from an individual traveller’s booking details being contained in a single passenger name record (PNR), held within a single system globally. Specifically, this enables BTI UK to ensure that key service features for corporate clients, such as travel policy, corporate negotiated fares and booking procedures, are applied consistently and efficiently across all markets.

Sabre Travel Network has existing supplier agreements with BTI in Canada, Australia and Singapore, as well as in the key United States and Latin American markets.  This latest agreement is a significant European breakthrough for the company.

BTI UK has used the customisable TurboSabre booking platform to develop a booking system that meets its specific European client needs.  Called the OSCAR system, it features links to BTI UK’s own database of specially negotiated fares, and a number of enhancements to streamline back-office processes. 



Chris Fry, corporate and marketing director of Hogg Robinson plc, the parent company of BTI UK, said that this type of ‘common platform’ technology was an important requirement for those clients seeking worldwide standardisation and cost control in the management of their travel, without compromising current regional service levels.

BTI UK’s international client EDS, the global technology company, was moved onto the OSCAR system in May.

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