Trondent Delivers Mobile AirWEB

Trondent Development Corp. recently introduced Mobile AirWEB, the newest and most advanced wireless product available in the marketplace today. 
Scheduled for release in early May, Mobile AirWEB will allow travelers to access a “scaled down” version of their travel itinerary using a variety of mobile devices with integrated web browsers including Blackberry and WAP-enabled cell phones and Palm Pilots. Besides being able to provide a common look, feel and user interface without regard to GDS platform, travelers simply access the Trondent web site, enter a password, and they are able to view the details of all their itineraries in the system.

Mobile AirWEB is the perfect tool for the mobile, frequent traveler who needs fast and easy access to their travel plans. “Mobile AirWEB builds on Trondent’s continued commitment to provide seamless anytime, anywhere access to travel information without regard to either GDS or agency,” according to Trondent President and CEO, Dave Wood.