Eland Technologies Assists Hotwire in GDS Switch

RunwayT application assists Hotwire.com in
air product GDS switch

Eland Technologies
has assisted discount
travel site Hotwire.com
in changing its Global Distribution
System (GDS) for Hotwire`s air product.

RunwayT, Eland Technologies` flagship application integration
platform, provides an off-the-shelf solution to the critical
issue of communicating with GDS and airline systems. It provides
users with host independence, facilitating and expediting
development efforts while allowing future host switching to occur

RunwayT improved Hotwire`s ability to be “vendor neutral” with
respect to the company`s choice of the best GDS for its business.
With RunwayT as the integration platform, Hotwire did not have to
be concerned with which GDS could provide the best interface to
their systems. Hotwire was able to focus on which GDS would give
them the best value from a services point of view.

“As our preferred GDS interface solution, Runway has helped us to
reach our goal of selecting the best GDS services for Hotwire and
our customers,” said Taek Kwon, Vice President of Engineering at


Eamonn Caulfield, Vice President of Eland Technologies` US and
Latin American operations, added “In today`s environment where
airlines, travel sites and all travel organisations are trying to
save costs at every turn, it is clearly a huge benefit to use
RunwayT. Travel suppliers, like Hotwire, can now focus on which
GDS to use based on the value of services that they can pass on
to their customers.”

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