Amadeus Announces Release of e-Ticket Tracking Tool

has announced the launch of an Unused Electronic Ticketing Tracking Report (UETTR) for travel

The easy-to-read UETTR is generated within 15 seconds of the initial request and is fully integrated into the Amadeus Central System - thus
negating the need to purchase and maintain additional 3rd party software.
By eliminating time-wasting searches for unused e-tickets, Amadeus users
can now deliver a faster, more cost-efficient service to their customers
already enjoying the benefits of paper-free ticketing.  Agents can now
accurately track previously forgotten or unused electronic tickets over a
28-day time period so that e-tickets can then be refunded or exchanged.

This new report is a critical application for travel agents as airlines increasingly promote electronic ticketing.  In the UK, Amadeus has recently implemented electronic ticketing for US Airways as well as interlining e-tickets for flights on:

* US Airways (US) with American Airlines (AA), Continental (CO) and
United Airlines (UA)

* American Airlines (AA) with Delta Airlines (DL), Hawaiian Airlines

* Continental Airlines (CO) with Alaskan Airlines (AS)

David Rossiter, Operations Manager at Instone International (UK) Ltd.
said, “Many of our business travel customers require flexibility regarding
travel dates. Travellers often have to cancel or change their tickets at
the last minute and this tool enables us to more accurately track unused
e-tickets so that we can process refunds more easily and provide our
customers with a seamless service.”

Arnaud Debuchy, Managing Director for Amadeus UK comments, “On average
between 2-3 percent of e-tickets go unused but this figure is sure to rise
as more airlines implement electronic ticketing in the UK. Next month
alone we expect to announce the availability of 2 additional e-ticketing
carriers. Amadeus has developed the UETTR in partnership with our
customers so that agents can view unused tickets with minimum effort. By
storing the data electronically, there is less margin for error in
processing unused e-tickets, and more effort can be dedicated to the
customer as agents no longer need to waste time manually searching for


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