Runway Helps Sabre Airline Solutions Speed Time to Market

Eland Technologies

has announced the
signing of an extensive contract with Sabre Holdings Corporation
for the use of its product Runway across Sabre Airline Solutions`

Caption: Eamonn Caulfield, Vice President of Eland

Runway is the leading travel application integration product in
use in the travel industry and is renowned as the backbone of the
Star Alliance`s advanced computer network StarNet. It is the
middleware chosen by the leading airlines and travel
organizations of the world.

Sabre Airline Solutions

is using Runway to ease the connection
and message handling for its airline products to the myriad of
legacy systems and host protocols common in the airline industry.
For example, one of its products, the Sabre® AirMaxTM Group
Management System is used by airlines to optimize revenue by
allocating the correct seat inventory. By using Runway, the Group
Management System development team has reduced typical delivery
by a month, by eliminating the development work needed by other
middleware products to connect Group Management System to the
airlines` own CRS.


“Our strategic value is in providing our customers with real
solutions that help optimize their airline. Eland Technologies
has helped Sabre Airline Solutions to deliver the technologies
that accelerate time to market and return on investment.” said
Brad Jensen, Senior Vice President of Airline Products
Development at Sabre`s Airline Solutions Group. “Runway has
helped us reduce the time and cost of implementation”.

“The integration challenges of the travel industry are
widespread,” added Eamonn Caulfield, Vice President of Eland
Technologies` US and Latin American operations, “we pride
ourselves on being specialists in the area and simplifying the
process for all parties in the industry. By removing host
application integration from the critical path, we have helped
Sabre Airline Solutions to concentrate on delivering the best
applications and services to their customers in the fastest
possible time.”

This contract further confirms Eland Technologies as the leader
in the highly technical and sophisticated field of travel
application integration.


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