Leisureplanet.com launches US version of redesigned website as first step in 30-country rollout

Leisureplanet.com, a leading International leisure travel e-commerce company, announced today the launch of its redesigned website in the U.S. market. The launch is the first step in Leisureplanet.com’s plan to rollout 30 country-specific websites, all in local language during 2000.

This initiative is a reflection of Leisureplanet.com’s commitment to provide comprehensive localized travel services to its global customer base. Leisureplanet.com’s new website begins the process of fulfilling these objectives by providing a significantly enhanced customer service function and improving the overall online shopping experience. The new site features an improved user interface and screen flows, updated flight and hotel search engines, an advanced travel booking engine and smoother overall navigation—all with the intention of enhancing the customer’s online booking and overall leisure travel experience.

“The launch of our new website in the U.S. is an important first step toward the fulfillment of our vision to provide the ultimate leisure travel experience to our customers,” said Pierre Kleinhans, chief executive officer of Leisureplanet.com. “The new website provides us with the ideal platform for the addition of further travel products, community and functionality, extending the value-added travel services that Leisureplanet.com already offers to its customers. We are confident that Leisureplanet.com will offer one of the world’s premiere international leisure travel websites.”

Leisureplanet.com is planning further product extensions and functionality throughout the year. The company will be developing an international community of travelers and experts and augmenting its services with additional reservation products such as packages, travel-related gear and content.