Hotwire Launches New Radio Advertising Campaign

Cheapo. Penny pincher. Coupon Charlie. Tightwad. These are just a few of the names thrown out in a new national radio campaign launched today by discount travel site

From foraging for change in friends’ couches to hoarding hotel shampoo bottles, the 30-second radio ads, produced by New York-based DeVito/Verdi, make light of the frugal and sometimes eccentric things people do save cash.

“People take great pride in sharing their personal tips for saving money - especially when it comes to travel,” said Ty Shay, Hotwire vice president of marketing. “This campaign strikes a chord with nearly everyone who has tried to save a few bucks. We’re telling them, we understand you - that’s why Hotwire is your place to consistently save on travel.”

“Cheap is no longer a bad word. Cheap is cool in this economy,” said Ellis Verdi, president of DeVito/Verdi Advertising. “While not everyone haggles at the dollar store, we can all see humor in the potentially embarrassing situations we’ll put ourselves in to get the best price. That’s the message we convey with these ads.”

The campaign launches April 7 via network radio and selected spot markets. The ads are accompanied by the tagline, “Fly. Sleep. Drive. Cheap.”


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