Rosenbluth International Announces Early Year Growth

Rosenbluth International
has announced that it has won the travel management contracts of a number of corporations worldwide thus far in 2003, totaling more than $120 million.  Recent 2003 client wins include: ConocoPhillips, Total Fina, Hawley & Hazel (Colgate), Fairfax, Havas, Tube City, Inc., MSX International, GKN, XL Insurance, Armstrong, 3Com, Bondo & Remer, DynCorp, EKONA Architecture & Planning, Genuity, and Redwood Neuroscience Institute.

“Though the business travel industry continues to be affected by the overall economic downturn and the current uncertainties of war, Rosenbluth has always recognized international corporations cannot afford to suspend travel altogether,” said Ron DiLeo, chief operating officer of Strategic Travel Solutions, Rosenbluth International. “We`re finding there is tremendous pent-up demand within the industry, and we recognize our clients will need to travel in order to drive sales and build revenue this year.”

New clients will have an opportunity to utilize a customized selection of Rosenbluth`s products and services, including the DACODA product to maximize savings on travel spend and the iVISION online reporting tool to provide greater visibility into company travel information.  Rosenbluth`s Global Security Suite, Web Fare Solution and non-refundable ticket solution, SmartTicket, are some other tools and services available to support these clients` travel programs. 
“We continue to differentiate ourselves through our expansive international reach,” said Pieter Rieder, vice president of international development, Rosenbluth International. “Our global platform and product portfolio makes us a most attractive choice for companies operating in multiple countries around the world, regardless of their location or size.”

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