United Announces Additional Deployments of EasyCheck-in

United Airlines
announced that it will
deploy 300 additional EasyCheck-in units in more than 30 locations,
making the service available to more customers at more airports.

In the coming months, United will also deploy EasyCheck-in units in
Denver, CO—resulting in a major presence of EasyCheck-in at every
United hub location— as well as Orange County, CA; Portland, OR; San
Jose, CA; Miami, FL; Honolulu, HI; Maui, HI; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix,
AZ; Orlando, FL; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Boise, ID, Indianapolis, IN
and Kansas City, KS. 
Most recently, United deployed 10 new EasyCheck-in units at LaGuardia
Airport in New York on February 7, and 10 at Baltimore Washington
International Airport on February 14. 

“To date, more than eight million United customers have used
EasyCheck-in to quickly check-in for a flight, pick their seat
assignments and obtain their boarding pass when traveling domestically
with a United electronic ticket,” said Larry De Shon, Senior Vice
President, Airport Operations. “Customer feedback has been
overwhelmingly positive. EasyCheck-in allows our airport employees to
offer more personalized service in front of the ticket counter and
focus on more complex transactions.”

In addition, United announced a new functionality to its United
EasyCheck-in self-serve units, making it easier than ever for customers
to rebook themselves on the most convenient flights on their day of
travel, and allowing them to speed through the check-in process. The
new Flight Change option allows customers to standby for an earlier
flight or to confirm travel on a different flight on the same day they
are ticketed for travel, as long as they are holding electronic tickets
that allow standby and changes without any additional fees.

“At United, we`re committed to offering our customers a fast, easy
alternative with our EasyCheck-in and curbside check-in products,” adds
De Shon.  “EasyCheck-in also helps speed customers through security as
the majority can print their boarding document in less than 60 seconds
and proceed directly to a security checkpoint without having to wait in
line at the ticket counter. We currently have more than 400
EasyCheck-in units in 15 locations with more coming throughout the
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