Sabre offers e-tickets for bmi

Sabre Connected travel agencies in the United Kingdom are now able to issue electronic tickets for travel on British airline bmi

This brings to 19 the number of airlines that offer UK e-ticketing capabilities in the Sabre`s global distribution system (GDS).
bmi has also made e-tickets available in the Sabre system in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the United States.

Stuart Nassos, Sabre’s vice president of marketing and customer services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said much of the growth in e-ticketing across Europe was being driven by airlines, with a growing number imposing surcharges for paper tickets.

“Carriers are seeing the efficiencies that e-ticketing can offer, and are introducing this technology as quickly as they can across a wide range of markets,” he said.

Scandinavian carrier SAS and Dutch airline KLM have also joined the fray. Both airlines have offered UK e-ticketing capabilities in the Sabre system for some time, but have recently made the technology available in new markets.  KLM in Italy, and SAS in France, The Netherlands and the United States.



is facilitating the growth in the use of e-tickets by providing reports for its travel agency customers, listing any that have not been used.  These reports are free of charge and make it easier for agents to identify and request refunds on behalf of their customers. 

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