Heads of States at the InterContinental

March 12, 2000, the InterContinental Phoenicia re-opened after 25 years of closure.

March 23, 2002, the InterContinental Phoenicia welcomes Ministers and Heads of States, hosting the 14th Arab League Summit.

October 18th, 2002, the InterContinental Phoenicia is the official venue for the 55 Heads of States coming for the IX Francophonie summit in Beirut.

Following 2 years after its reopening, the InterContinental Phoenicia regained its position as the Local, Regional and International Conference Center.

After successfully hosting the Arab League Summit, the InterContinental Phoenicia has welcomed 55 heads of States from around the world who convened in its Grand Ballroom for the IX Francophonie Summit.


500 million people, from Mali to Quebec, from the Caribbean to Algeria, and from France to Cameroon, have watched closely the event on television.

One of the biggest historical events to take place in Lebanon has been closely monitored by around 500 million people, from Mali to Quebec, from the Caribbean to Algeria, and from Belgium to Cameroon

The dedication of all the Team Members of the InterContinental Phoenicia made this event a true success. Preparations started on all the levels of the Organization, including special protocols and service standards trainings, internal management organization, etcÁK. On the organizational level, a committee has been established from within the hotel to liaise with the Lebanese government in order to evaluate the situation and set up the necessary plans and strategies: logistics, security, reservations, preparations, etc.

The hotel hosted delegations from the following countries: France, Canada, New Brunswick, Luxembourg, Guinea Bissau, CF Belgium, Sao Tome, Guinea, Federal Belgium, Senegal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Djibouti, Gabon, Tunisia, Cameroon, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea, Czech Republic, Suisse, Egypt, Benin, Lebanon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lithuania, Seychelles, Vietnam, Togo, Quebec, Maurice, Morocco, Monaco, Mali, Cambodia, Côte dÁ?Ivoire, Vanuatu, Laos, Burundi, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville.

On October 21st, 2002, the InterContinental opened its doors again to its valued clientele to discover the new francophonie-flavoured recipes in all its restaurants.

Facts & Figures:
?h In 1880, the geographical expert Mr. Onesime Reclus came up with the idea of a Francophonie summit in order to describe the tradition and habits of the francophone world and French colonies.
?h 170 million of people speak French; it is the second talking language just after the English.
?h 500 million people are Francophone (living in the 55 countries)

?h 1986: the I¢X summit held in Paris
?h 1987: the II¢X summit held in Canada (decision taken to hold the summit every two years)
?h 1989: the III¢X summit held in Dakar
?h 1991: the IV¢X summit held in Paris
?h 1993: the V¢X summit held in Maurice
?h 1995: the VI¢X summit held in Cotonou
?h 1997: the VII¢X summit held in Hanoi
?h 1999: the VIII¢X summit in Monkton
?h 2002: the IX¢X summit held in the most glorious city in the Mediterranean BEIRUT, and specifically at the InterContinental Phoenicia.

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