Jumeirah Hospitality: Top Awards

Dubai, July, 2002: Burj Al Arab Chef Don Thushan Nilkasha has won the prestigious ‘Junior Chef of the Year’ award on the closing day of Dubai Food Surprises Week, part of Dubai Summer Surprises 2002. Chef Raghu Prasad from Jumeirah Hospitality took second place, followed by Chef Kishankant Shah of The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, who won third place in the same category. Chef Sonkran Nonsri from Jumeirah Hospitality won ‘Best Artist’ trophy.

Jumeirah International Chefs won a spectacular 68 medals from the total that were awarded during the Dubai Food Surprises last week. 26 bronze medals, 28 silver medals and 14 gold medals were won by participating talented Chefs from Burj Al Arab, Emirates Towers Hotel, The Jumeirah Beach Club, The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, The World Trade Centre Hotel and Jumeirah Hospitality, the catering division of Jumeirah International.

Wednesday the 26th June marked a successful closing day for the Dubai Food Surprises, which took place from the 20th to the 26th of June. Emirates Towers Shopping Boulevard took part in the activities and was one of the venues hosting the Food Surprises. A display of various international culinary delights prepared by some of the most skilled Chefs from the participating hotels in Dubai was arranged in Emirates Towers Shopping Boulevard last week.