Rapid Travel Solutions Integrates into Telewest Travel to Develop Endeavour Product Brands

Telewest Travel

has announced that Rapid Travel Solutions will be fully
incorporated into the core Telewest Travel Division.

Caption, Lawrence Hunt, Former Managing Director of Rapid Travel Solutions
(left) and Keith Webber, head of sales & marketing - Telewest Travel

Acquired by Telewest

in 2001, Rapid and its Travel Trader products will
no longer be in general circulation and all future business will be
conducted under the Telewest brand.  All Rapid products and services
have been integrated into the Endeavour suite and the operational teams
incorporated. All future transactions will be contracted with the
Telewest Travel Division.
Former Managing Director of Rapid Travel Solutions, Lawrence Hunt, now
head of product development at Telewest Travel said: “Since we joined
Telewest last year, we have been working hard to further develop and
enhance Telewest`s Endeavour platform which is a state of the art,
highly efficient travel technology platform based on Rapid`s latest
generation of travel software and Telewest`s advanced communications
network technology.  It makes sense to join up the brands by name as
well as by product and I`m sure that both sets of customers will find
that the new Endeavour platform delivers significant benefits.”

Keith Webber


, head of sales & marketing at Telewest Travel said: “The
integration of the Rapid team and products into the Telewest Travel
Division provides a fully integrated solution for the travel industry
and delivers at lowest cost, a single supplier relationship for
connectivity and applications. Telewest Travel is now in a unique
position to deliver technology solutions to the travel sector.

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