TQ3 Maritz Selects American`s EveryFare(SM) Program


Maritz Travel Solutions is
the first global travel agency to offer its clients American Airlines` popular
Web fares through the new EveryFare program. 
TQ3 Maritz was a launch partner
for the EveryFare program, which provides participating traditional travel
agencies with access to American`s popular Web fares via the Global
Distribution System (GDS), while providing American with substantial
reductions in its distribution costs.
“Our corporate clients want and deserve to see all fares, including `Web-
only` fares,” said Jack O`Neill, president of TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions.
“Their first priority is to use the lowest fares that work for business
travelers.  Our first priority is to help them and we have the technology to
do that.
“We`ve had a lot of client interest in the American Airlines EveryFare
program.  In fact, we`re already beta-testing the Web-fare access with several
key accounts,” O`Neill added.
“TQ3 Maritz Travel Solutions and American have worked closely together for
years to provide great service and find new ways to bring added value to our
mutual customers,” said Craig Kreeger, American`s vice president-Sales.  “Now
TQ3 Maritz offers an ever broader range of American`s fares for the first time
via their GDSs, while at the same time helping us reduce overall distribution
Kreeger added that, unlike the programs recently announced between another
major carrier and two of the major GDSs, EveryFare participants and their
clients benefit from American`s much larger global network and a much wider
range of fares.  The EveryFare program also provides American with meaningful
long-term distribution cost reductions.
The innovative EveryFare program provides Web fares in exchange for
effectively shifting the responsibility for the cost of global distribution
system booking fees from American Airlines to the travel agency.  American
initially gives travel agencies an allowance credit of approximately US$4 per
flight coupon.  Travel agents then pay to American an amount equal to their
own GDS fees, based upon their own choice of GDS services and products.
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