New Sales Tool for Hospitality Industry

i-BizLink, an entirely new software program that links hotel and resort sales departments with corporate secretaries, meeting planners and others who book large room blocs, is now available to the hospitality industry marketplace from Nekton Interactive Business Tools, Inc.
The patented i-BizLink program is designed to create an invaluable relationship link between hospitality industry professionals and their customers, and is distinguished by its ease of use. Users can easily access the most important vendor contact information right on their desktop.

“There is no advertising vehicle or sales tool with the ability to reach customers as effectively as the i-BizLink,” said David T. Dayton, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania-based Nekton Interactive. “And its distribution cost is unmatched by any advertising medium available today,” he added.

“This product can be used by any company with customers and a sales or customer service function,” he added. Dayton invented the product as a way to help marketers reach their customers.
Prior to founding Nekton, Dayton held senior-level marketing positions with several of the hospitality industry`s leading hotel brands, including LaQuinta Inns, Courtyard by Marriott and Renaissance Hotels and Resorts. He formerly managed the global advertising account for Westin Hotels and Resorts for one of the nation`s largest advertising firms, DDB Needham Worldwide, Chicago.

Here’s how the simple system works: A sales manager sends the i-BizLink software electronically [via e-mail] to its customers. i-BizLink exists as an icon on the customer?s computer desktop, activated instantly when the customer needs information or to buy from a supplier. Clicking on the icon provides contact information and resources considered most important to an individual buyer such as special package offers, photographs and more, bypassing irrelevant and time-wasting website clutter.

As a desktop icon, i-BizLink maintains top-of-mind awareness. “It also has an indefinite advertising shelf-life, and enables a sales person to always be available to a customer at the most important moment, which is when the customer needs them,” Dayton said.


The product is different from a web page in many ways, including its ability to be customized for any group, market segment or individual. The content is changeable at any time. The i-BizLink is also simple to operate and requires no knowledge of web design or programming.

With the i-BizLink, sales people determine what information to supply to the customers and can change or modify that information at a moment?s notice.

Maintained from Nekton Interactive Business Tools Inc.?s server network, i- BizLink is a subscription service that includes a small initial set-up fee and affordable monthly installments for customers. The monthly subscription is $19.95, or $9.95 per month if paid annually.

The i-BizLink is only the first product planned by Nekton Interactive, a developer and provider of online revenue generation products. These products include enhanced advertising and marketing channels, strategy and budgeting tools, forecasting and modeling programs, and new distribution channels and service delivery models.

Early next year Nekton will also launch the Interactive Marketing Plan, an online software product designed to guide revenue generation analysis, strategy development, tactical planning and timing, and budgeting.