3 Australian Carriers Deploy Galileo`s Electronic Ticketing

Three key regional Australian carriers
have chosen to enhance their distribution, deploying Electronic Ticketing,
Interactive Sell(TM) and Interactive Display(TM) with Galileo International, a
leading provider of electronic global distribution services (GDS) for the
travel industry.
Janie Kaung, executive vice president and managing director
of Galileo`s Asia Pacific region.

Alliance Airlines, Regional Express and Skywest Airlines have now
activated e-ticketing for Galileo-connected travel agencies in Australia.  E-
ticketing benefits all parties in the travel equation - passengers, travel
agencies and airlines.  For passengers, e-tickets save time when travelling
and give them the freedom to travel without the worry of losing paper tickets.

Using Galileo
(R) ViewTrip, an online real-time itinerary tool,
passengers can also obtain e-ticket receipts.  As these receipts include the
passenger name, e-ticket number, itinerary, date issued and travel agent
contact information, they meet regulatory requirements for proper ticket
For travel agencies and airlines, e-ticketing is a significant improvement
to the ticketing process that means less administration and lower cost.
Scott McMillan, managing director of Alliance Airlines, said: “We greatly
appreciate the fact that Galileo committed the necessary resources to quickly
and efficiently provide e-ticketing to us.  Our primary strategy for
distribution is the travel agency network, and Galileo must be commended not
only for helping Alliance Airlines achieve this goal, but also for
streamlining the ticketing process for their own client base.”
Worldwide, Galileo`s computer reservation systems now include 43 airlines
that offer e-ticketing in 36 countries.  In Asia Pacific, Galileo has
implemented e-ticketing with 16 airlines in five markets - Australia, New
Zealand, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.
All three airlines have also deployed Interactive Sell, which establishes
a real-time link between Galileo and the systems of each carrier, allowing
them to offer Galileo`s travel agency and corporate customers real-time access
to inventory down to the last available seat.  This maximizes revenue
potential for the carriers by ensuring no possible sale is lost.  Each airline
has also implemented Interactive Display, a complementary functionality
offering agencies a view into the actual inventory for each airline.
“These are welcome additions to our growing list of airlines offering e-
ticketing,” commented Janie Kaung
, executive vice president and managing director
of Galileo`s Asia Pacific region.  “And we are delighted with their decision
to deploy Galileo`s Interactive Sell and Interactive Display, functionalities
that dramatically enhance the airlines` abilities to make informed decisions
and maintain precise inventory control.”
Alliance Airlines, Regional Express and Skywest Airlines join the 500 plus
airlines already participating in Galileo`s systems.  Galileo also provides
its agency customers with inventory and information on 34 car rental
suppliers, 51,000 hotel properties, 431 tour operators, and all major cruise
lines throughout the world.

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