Last Minute Travel From Travelocity

What are YOU doing this weekend? Are you long on a sense of adventure but short on cash? Pack your bags and cross your fingers because Travelocity
has plans for you.

For the next four weeks, Travelocity`s “Bring Your Suitcase to Work” contest will send four lucky winners and their guests off to the hottest domestic and international destinations currently offered through Travelocity Last Minute Deals.
For trips from Los Angeles to London, Miami to Montreal and everywhere in between, winners will receive a promotional code worth $1,000 of last-minute travel, which must be used within 48 hours to book travel from one of 36 origination cities. The first winner will be announced Sept. 19; additional winners will be announced on Sept. 26, Oct. 3 and Oct. 10.

“Bring Your Suitcase to Work really highlights how easy it is to take advantage of last minute offerings. You can feasibly pack your bag, head to work, check out Last Minute Deals and be on a plane heading somewhere fabulous that afternoon,” said Michelle Peluso, senior vice president, Product Strategy and Distribution for Travelocity. “Last Minute Deals let you live life large on a very small budget, and give you something to brag about on Monday when everyone else is talking about the video they rented.”

Travelocity Last Minute Deals can include flight, hotel, car rental and often, added extras such as a pre-paid meal. Last Minute Deals average $350 per person and are sold from 14 days up to 3 hours before departure. Key details such as specific airline, flight time and hotel choice are revealed upfront during the booking process, and all flights are eligible for frequent flier credit. Last Minute Deals are available to hundreds of destinations from 36 departure cities, with additional destinations and departure cities on the way.



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