OpenJaw Technologies Partnership with OTA

OpenJaw Technologies Ltd., an XML technology company, has developed and implemented full support for the Open Travel Alliance
(OTA) specifications in its xDistributor distribution middleware product. As an active OTA member, OpenJaw has contributed to the OTA air message specifications, a standard set of XML messages that facilitate data communication between airlines and distribution partners.

“OpenJaw has been working with us to enable distribution based on the OTA specifications,” said OTA President Mike Kistner, Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Best Western International. “We greatly appreciate the efforts that they and all of our members have made to promote interoperability within the travel industry”.

OpenJaw`s innovative middleware technology provides direct-connect aggregation, caching and management solutions for the travel distribution industry. It aggregates and manages information from multiple suppliers, providing a single OTA conformant output for use by various distribution channels, including online travel agencies, Web portals, Extranet and Intranet systems. xDistributor utilizes OpenJaw?fs XML Rules Engine to allow business experts control the business logic, determining which suppliers receive a request, applying discounts, filtering and sorting responses.

“OpenJaw has been actively participating in the development of the OTA Air Working Group specifications and has helped to expand it into the global arena,” said OTA Executive Director Laura Lynch.

“OpenJaw is developing leading edge XML based distribution solutions designed to increase flexibility and reduce the cost of supplier direct connects for our customers. We are committed to supporting open standards, and so we fully support the OTA as the leading XML specifications organization for travel,?h said John Lambe, OpenJaw?fs Chief Technology Officer.


The Open Travel Alliance develops communications specifications to allow for the efficient and effective exchange of travel industry information via the Internet. With over 150 members representing influential names in all sectors of the travel industry, OTA is comprised of representatives from the airlines, car rental firms, hotels, leisure suppliers, service providers, tour operators, travel agencies, and trade associations. OTA working groups, together with an OTA interoperability committee to coordinate their efforts, develop open Internet-compatible messages using XML.

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