Northwest Airlines Is First Airline To Deliver Flight And Worldperks Account Information On The Spri

Sprint PCS (NYSE: PCS) and Northwest Airlines today announced the availability of real-time access to Northwest Airlines flight and WorldPerks member information via the Sprint PCS Wireless Web. The expanded alliance between Northwest Airlines and Sprint PCS provides customers with clear, mobile access to flight and gate status and WorldPerks account information directly on the minibrowser of any Sprint PCS Internet-ready Phone. Northwest Airlines is the first airline to deliver content on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web. Sprint PCS is the nation’s largest, all-digital, all-PCS nationwide wireless network with service in more than 330 metropolitan markets and 4,000 cities across the country, including all of the nation’s major airports.

“Customers who regularly use for travel planning and other services increasingly demand access from their wireless phones,” said Al Lenza, Vice-President of Distribution for Northwest Airlines. “We are excited about offering features to Sprint PCS customers from the Travel menu on their Internet-ready Sprint PCS Phones.”

“Sprint PCS and Northwest Airlines customers nationwide can use the Wireless Web for clear and simple access to check flights, frequent flier mileage and other WorldPerks account information right in the palm of their hand,” said Charles Levine, chief sales and marketing officer for Sprint PCS. “We’re pleased to continue our relationship with Northwest Airlines in connecting people to the places and information that are valuable to them.”

Northwest Airlines flight information and WorldPerks Account information is immediately accessible within the Travel category of the Sprint PCS Wireless Web menu. In the future, travelers will have wireless access to additional Northwest Airlines functions including convenient online reservations via the Sprint PCS Wireless Web - a powerful application for business travelers and consumers alike
Northwest Airlines’ presence on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web continues the alliance between the two companies. Today, Sprint offers WorldPerks Bonus Miles for a variety of communications products and services including Sprint PCS’ seamless, all-digital, all-PCS nationwide wireless network. WorldPerks members who select any Sprint PCS Free & Clear Plan $29.99 and higher will receive 5000 WorldPerks Bonus Miles, plus five miles for every Sprint PCS dollar they spend (7 for Elite members). Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Members can sign up for Sprint PCS Service and begin earning frequent flier miles by calling 1-877-PCS-PERKS (1-877-727-7375) or by visiting any Sprint PCS Center nationwide. Northwest was the first airline to award customers frequent flyer miles for using Sprint PCS. Customers can earn additional Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Bonus Miles for Sprint long-distance, EarthLink Sprint Internet service, additional phone lines and Sprint Toll-Free Service. Customers can call (888) MILES-4-YOU for information on these additional Sprint products and services