Expedia Survey Says Britons are `The Worlds Worst Tourists`

Research published by Expedia.co.uk shows that around the world the Germans are the most welcome foreign visitors and Brits are the least, scoring worst in all but one of five key criteria: their behaviour; politeness; willingness to learn the lingo; enthusiasm to try the local delicacies; and how much money they put into the local economy.
asked tourist offices in 17 of the most popular national and international holiday destinations, from the Cote d`Azur to Cyprus, Paris to Prague, San Francisco to Sydney, to rank different nationalities of travellers. And it`s the Germans, who spend an incredible 800 million nights abroad1 every year, who rate highest, with Brits propping up the table of the 24 most liked and disliked nationalities. The research found:

* Overall, Germans have been voted the world`s best tourists, followed by Americans and Japanese. Brits scored worst of any country mentioned, followed by Israelis and Irish.

* Germans are the best behaved, beating the respectful Japanese and the Spanish. The worst behaviour can be expected from the British, Irish and Danes.

* `Have a nice day` Americans are the most polite, out-charming Germans and Japanese. Britons are judged to be the rudest, followed by Russians and the usually placid Canadians.

* Germans rank highest for attempting to speak the local language, followed by the French and rather surprisingly, Americans. The British make the least effort, preferring to simply talk louder in English. Russians and the Spanish are similarly mono-lingual.

* Italians are most likely to try the local delicacies, followed by the Spanish and Germans. Brits, Indians and fast-food loving Americans are the least gastronomically adventurous.

* Americans have the local restaurateurs, taxi drivers and souvenir shop owners ringing their hands as they spend and tip the most. The Japanese and Russians have the next deepest pockets. Germans are deemed to be the meanest, more so than Brits and New Zealanders.

Commenting on the findings, Dermot Halpin
, managing director of Expedia.co.uk, said: `British holidaymakers are some of the most widely travelled in the world, but that doesn`t necessarily mean we`re good at it. A little effort goes a long way in a foreign country, and as much as it pains me to say it, perhaps the Germans actually deserve to get the best sunbeds.`

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