TravelCLICK Develops Next Generation Tool with AgentWare

, the leading provider of enabling
tools that help hotels maximize revenue from electronic channels, today
announced RateVIEW, a new product to be released in the fall of this year. 

RateVIEW will provide individual hotels and hotel chains with a close-in
competitive rate monitoring capability for both the GDS and Internet
electronic distribution channels.  This information can then be used in
concert with TravelCLICK`s existing PHASER product, which provides highly
detailed rate comparison data over a longer time horizon.

“TravelCLICK was the first to recognize and then pioneer the creation of
actionable market intelligence tools for hotels back in 1995,” commented Ray
Cohen, president and co-CEO of TravelCLICK.  “Today, some seven years later,
over 5,000 hotels around the world use these tools and take advantage of
support and advice from our local sales consultants.”

“With the dramatic growth of consumer online hotel bookings, as well as the
continuing importance of Travel Agent bookings made through the GDS, more
tools are needed to help our clients optimize revenue in the electronic
marketplace,” added Cohen.  “To this end, RateVIEW is one of several such
new tools that we will be introducing during the coming months.”

TravelCLICK has been co-developing its RateVIEW technology with AgentWare
the creator of Travel ConsoleTM, the leading web fare search tool for travel
agents.  “AgentWare is pleased to be working with TravelCLICK, the industry
leader serving the competitive intelligence needs of the hospitality
industry, to provide this valuable service.  AgentWare`s technology will
provide RateVIEW with a superior way to dynamically access and aggregate
close-in rate information from numerous sources in a cost effective manner,”
commented Les Ottolenghi
, president and CEO of AgentWare. 


Technology available through TravelCLICK`s new Electronic Marketing Centre
(“EMC”) for hotel properties will then enable this rate information to be
manipulated, viewed in a variety of formats, and archived for historical

Among the key features of RateVIEW:

* Subscribers will be able to access and view rates on all major
electronic distribution channels.
* Subscribers will be able to dynamically compare wholesaler Internet
rates with a hotel`s own rate (CRS) on a site-by-site basis.
* Web-enabled, reports can be generated on demand.
* The TravelCLICK sales consultant team will provide full support for
RateVIEW, working with subscribers to maximize the use of the product.

In addition, RateVIEW subscribers will be able to “dig down” into the data

* Request data by multiple lengths of stay.
* Isolate rates for a specific number of guests.
* Pick a specific period of interest as the start date of the
reporting period.
* Search by rate category.

“RateVIEW will provide hotel properties with the most sophisticated and
robust technology for collecting close-in rate data from a number of
sources, online and in real time,” continued Cohen.  “By using RateVIEW side
by side with PHASER, our clients will enjoy the most comprehensive and
flexible view of hotel rate information available from anyone anywhere.
They will also enjoy local support from our sales consultants out in the
field so that they achieve the greatest possible benefit from both

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