Sabre and Air China Sign IT Agreement

and Air China
have signed a three-month IT consulting agreement designed to provide the airline with progressive solutions that will help the airline develop a long-term IT strategy.
Under the terms of the contract, Sabre Consulting Services will conduct an extensive IT audit critical in helping the airline determine its future IT infrastructure and applications needs.

Zhao Xiao Hang, managing director of Air China Corporate Development and Planning, believes partnering with Sabre will provide the airline with the IT direction needed to secure its future. “We believe Sabre possesses vast experience and knowledge of the industry that will provide us with the strategic advice we require to grow in today`s environment,” Zhao said. “We look forward not only to the final report, but also to implementing the recommended IT solutions that will aid the airline in its growth.”

Mike Baldwin, senior vice president of the Asia Pacific Region for Sabre sees this as an opportunity for the two companies to strengthen their relationship. “We understand that Air China requires firm IT advice in order to ensure its operations remain smooth and profitable following the upcoming merger with China Southwest and CNAC Zhejiang Airlines. We are pleased to provide Air China with solid recommendations for an IT strategy that will give them precise direction, as they grow their business, over the next five to 10 years,” said Baldwin.