Thai Airways Introduces White Shrimp

Thai Airways International has announced its measures to inspect the quality of chicken meat used in preparation of THAI`s inflight meals in order to increase passenger confidence in THAI`s inflight catering services.
At the same time, THAI is cooperating with the Department of Internal Trade, under the Ministry of Commerce, to support farmers of white shrimp who are experiencing economic difficulties. Mr. Kanok Abhiradee, THAI`s President, said, “During the period where there is a decrease in chicken consumption, THAI in cooperation with the Department of Internal Trade, under the Ministry of Commerce, has agreed to support those who farm white shrimp. Currently, farmers of white shrimp are experiencing difficulty due to the decreased price of shrimp and the overproduction of shrimp in the market. THAI is providing support by introducing special white shrimp menus on the airline`s international and domestic flights departing from Bangkok throughout February.”
Mr.Abhiradee added that THAI has increased the level of stringent inspection of imported and domestic chicken meat used in the preparation of inflight meals by THAI`s Catering Department. THAI has stressed the importance of laboratory testing all types of meats to comply with high hygiene levels and food safety measures, according to world airline catering standards, with certification granted by International Food Production Association and the World Health Organization, as follows:Ê
Increase Food Inspection and Analysis Measures in Laboratories -
Previously, THAI conducted food inspection and implemented analysis measures in its own food laboratory at THAI`s Catering Services Department. Now, THAI has introduced 3 more external food inspection laboratory inspection points, at the laboratories of the Department of Medical Science under the Ministry of Public Health, the Department of Livestock Development, and the Food Institute, in order to reassure consumers and increase confidence that all meat products used in meal preparation are safe for consumption and have been prepared according to stringent standards, as required by the International Food Production Association. Chicken for the preparation of THAI`s meals is the produce of a closed area farm system.
THAI Staff Conduct Daily Inspections of Chicken Farms Producing Chicken Meat for THAI`s Catering
In order to measure the standards in chicken meat production levels, THAI staff conduct daily inspections of chicken farms that produce chicken meat used in preparation of THAI`s inflight meals. Inspection measures include: inspecting standards of feeding, disease control processes and production levels.
Discontinue Catering Uplift from Risk Countries
THAI has discontinued catering uplift from risk countries. Inflight meals will be prepared by THAI`s Catering Services in Bangkok, with meals loaded from Bangkok for the return flight.
In addition to the increased safety precautions, THAI has in place Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) which is a food production control system, implemented to meet World Health Organization (WHO) standards. As well, THAI has introduced Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) which is a raw material quality development standard that closely monitors selection process, growth process, feeding process through to the food preparation process. THAI has also implemented the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), a measure and standard used in food production and catering services, to measure the quality of raw materials that are used by Catering Services. THAI conducts Risk Analysis along with the HACCP system to ensure the safety of meals prepared by THAI`s Catering Services.