Could Air Travel Be Safer This Thanksgiving?

Universal Express (OTCBB:USXP), a transportation logistics company based in New York City and Boca Raton, has proposed a new security plan White Paper to increase the safety of airline passengers traveling the Thanksgiving holiday.
The White Paper proposes that airline passengers are less likely to become targets of travel-related terrorism when baggage is separated from passengers. The security plan encourages airline passengers to ship their luggage ahead by private carrier. Members of the U.S. Congress, federal agencies and airline industry trade groups are discussing the new security proposal.
Richard Altomare, USXP CEO and author of the White Paper notes, “Yes, I am absolutely convinced that Thanksgiving holiday air travel can be safer if passengers were separated from their luggage. A reduction in on-board passenger luggage correlates to a direct reduction in the ability for terrorists to get threatening devices onboard. Without advance notice regarding the transportation mode of the pre-shipped luggage, the likelihood of attacks on Americans is further reduced. Passengers will have greater confidence in the overall security of the travel industry. There will also be no reason for airlines to continue to charge additional fees to a traveler that cooperates with the new baggage shipping system. This should result in lower ticket costs as well.”
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