Thanksgiving Travel Easy as Pumpkin Pie

PRNewswire FORT WORTH, Texas Nov. 20 :

Getting over the airport and through the air to grandma`s this year may be
more relaxing than you might think. A recent American Airlines survey*
shows that most people spend time at the airport reading a good book,
people watching, or getting something to eat.

“Almost half of our customers say they spend their time reading before a
flight,” said Al Becker, American Airlines spokesman. “About 10 percent
like to watch the comings and going at the airports, and the rest spend
their time shopping or getting something to eat. It`s a little more
relaxed than many of us think it might be.”

While travelers should plan to arrive at the airport early to allow
sufficient time to go through the TSA check points, new technology can
help customers get through the airport efficiently even during
traditionally heavy travel times like the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday
weekend. Here are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you head home
this holiday. Even more information and tips—such as gates, flight
details and timetables downloadable to your PC or mobile device—are
available in the Travel Information section of American`s award-winning
Web site,
BEFORE YOU FLY—Log on to to check in and print your boarding
pass up to 30 hours before your flight. If you`re picking someone up, use
Flight Status Notification at to have a voice message sent directly
to your phone or a text message to your cell phone, pager, PDA or email. can also show you the seating diagram for your flight`s airplane,
and the location of power ports for your laptop or DVD player.—Check in
Online. You can check in at up to 30 hours before your flight,
select your seat, request upgrades and print your boarding pass—all
from the comfort of your home or office.—Check in with Self-Service.
American Airlines customers can use more than 700 automated AA
Self-Service Check-In(R) machines at more than 85 airports nationwide to
check in, select seats, print boarding passes and check bags. And this
year, recent enhancements make AA Self-Service Check-In easy when the
whole family travels—up to nine passengers can check in when traveling
on one itinerary and the devices now have enhanced name recognition
capabilities. Look for the big yellow arrows at airports.—Check in at
Curbside. Curbside Check-In allows you to check bags and get your boarding
pass before you park your car.—Or see our customer service agents. Our
friendly Passenger Service Representatives at the airport will assist you
to purchase a ticket, pay for ticket changes, or change a flight. PACKING
—Pack light. Keep medicines, prescriptions or valuables in your carry-on
bag and with you at all times. Put a baggage tag with your name and
telephone number both inside and outside of your checked bags—and leave
your checked bags unlocked. Leave knives, scissors or other cutting
instruments out of your carry-on.—Leave any gifts unwrapped. Wrapped
gifts may have to be unwrapped at the security checkpoint, so leave them
unwrapped (or consider shipping gifts ahead of time).—Make sure you
have a photo ID with you. The photo identification must be current and
government-issued, such as a driver`s license or passport. For more
information, visit .—Get to the airport
ahead of time. About 60 minutes before your flight if you`re not checking
bags; 90 minutes if you are. International passengers should arrive at the
airport at least two hours before their flight leaves. American Airlines
domestic flights begin boarding 30 minutes before departure domestically;
40 minutes for international flights.—Bring a good book. A recent
survey of American Airlines customers shows that 46 percent like to read
while they`re waiting for their flights. Another 12 percent “people-watch”
and the rest eat, shop or catch up on some work.
American Airlines is the world`s largest carrier. American, American Eagle
and the AmericanConnection(R) regional carriers serve more than 250 cities
in over 40 countries with more than 3,900 daily flights. The combined
network fleet numbers more than 1,000 aircraft. American`s award- winning
Web site,, provides users with easy access to check and book fares,
plus personalized news, information and travel offers. American Airlines
is a founding member of the oneworld(TM) Alliance.