Delta`s SkyBonus Program Enhancement Provides More Choice

Delta Air Lines is enhancing by adding a new booking feature
providing SkyBonus small- to medium-sized business customers automatic
tracking for one-stop shopping convenience. SkyBonus customers receive
automatic credit for flights flown on tickets purchased at when
entering their company`s SkyBonus number on the Passenger Information
screen. The improved technology provides SkyBonus customers functionality
to help them manage their accounts online.
This enhancement further expands the ways SkyBonus customers may enroll
online and track tickets through traditional and online travel agencies,
Delta Reservation Sales, manual input at and now more
easily through Previously, SkyBonus members who purchased
tickets at manually tracked ticket numbers at
to receive credit.
“The addition of this enhancement provides convenience to SkyBonus members
who choose to purchase tickets at,” said Steve Scheper, managing
director, Online Sales and Service. “The small- to medium-sized business
sector is growing, and Delta is pleased to serve these valuable
customers.” Since 2001, an increasing number of small- to medium-sized
businesses have found the opportunity to earn recognition and rewards
through Delta`s SkyBonus program. Members can earn a choice of 19 rewards,
including free tickets, upgrades, in-flight courtesy coupons, Crown Room
Club memberships, Silver Medallion appointments and more. Companies with
$5,000 to $500,000 in annual Delta flown revenue earn points they can
redeem to reward employees, clients or anyone they choose.
“In today`s business travel marketplace, customer loyalty is more
important than ever before. We work closely with our small- to
medium-sized business customers to ensure their unique travel needs are
fulfilled,” said Scheper.
The SkyBonus program is Delta`s global online travel rewards program for
small- to medium-sized companies. The U.S. program is offered to
U.S.-based companies (including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico)
for travel originating in the U.S. to any Delta destination. Companies
located in Europe can join the similar SkyBonus - Europe program by
visiting the same online address and selecting their country of residence.
At this time, SkyBonus is available in the U.S. and Belgium, France,
Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. For more information please go
to .