The Card That`s the Height in Luxury Gifts

Question: What do you give the person who has everything? Answer: The gift
of time and flight.
The Marquis Jet Card ( provides the
convenience, freedom and flexibility to fly in complete comfort on the
exclusive NetJets(R) fleet. With The Marquis Jet Card, call for your jet
with only several hours notice, pick the time, airport and destination—
and a NetJets(R) aircraft will take you there.

With costs ranging from $109,900 to $299,900, depending on the type of
aircraft selected, the Marquis Jet Card, through Marquis Jet`s exclusive
relationship with NetJets(R), provides 25 hours of flight time (wheels up
to wheels down) on the best maintained fleet of private jets, serviced by
the most experienced and competent pilots in the world.

“With the Marquis Jet Card you can take your family and friends on a
special vacation,” said Ken Austin, executive vice president of Marquis
Jet Partners. “How often can you go downhill skiing and sailing in the
same week? With the Marquis program there are no more connections, delays,
long lines or baggage claim, all which typically make your vacation a
harrowing experience.”
The Marquis program is widely acclaimed. “Think of the uses,” said Andrew
Harper, editor of the “bible of travel” Andrew Harper`s Hideaway Report.
“Vacationing with your kids and grandkids on the Cape, golfing the
Monterey Peninsula on a whirlwind for eight, recapturing that honeymoon in
the Caribbean, doing the Super Bowl in style, a 3-day getaway for the
board of directors of getting anywhere when your time is limited. Time is
money: why waste it!”

“Having my jet on call means extra time spent with my wife and friends in
Florida,” says professional golfer and Marquis Jet cardholder Jim Furyk,
winner of the 2003 US. Open and the Buick Classic. “The program has
changed my life, taking away the pressure of crowded airports and flight
delays. My Marquis Jet Card has put my time back in my hands.”

The Marquis Jet fleet is provided by NetJets(R) through an exclusive
alliance between the two companies. NetJets(R) is the pioneer and
worldwide leader in fractional aircraft ownership. NetJets has the world`s
largest and most diversified fleet of more than 500 aircrafts and provides
the world`s safest and most secure private aviation travel solutions.


Marquis Jet Program Highlights:—Guaranteed availability, 365 days per
year at as little as 10 hours notice—9 Aircraft types to choose from
(Citation V Ultra, Citation Encore, Citation Excel, Hawker 800 XP, Hawker
100, Citation X, Gulfstream 200, Falcon 2000, and Gulfstream IV-SP)—
Access to NetJets(R), the finest and largest fleet of private jet aircraft
in the world—Easy access to thousands of airports across North America,
Europe, and the Middle East—Freedom to choose among 13 different
aircraft types and between the North American and European Marquis

Marquis Jet Partners, Inc. is the global leader in hourly private jet
cards, packaged in increments of 25 hours. Through its exclusive alliance
with NetJets(R), Marquis Jet provides the convenience, quality and safety
of the world`s premier fractional aircraft ownership program. The
Company`s Marquis Jet Card is sold on a single-year, pre-paid basis. The
card is available throughout North America and Europe, catering to
businesses and individuals that fly between 25 and 50 hours annually and
desire access to the world`s best fleet and service. For additional
information, visit the Company`s website at or
call 1-866-JET-1400.
NetJets Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. company, provides the safest and
most secure private aviation travel solutions in the world. In 2003,
NetJets will fly more than 250,000 flights to over 140 different countries.

NetJets fractional aircraft ownership allows individuals and companies to
buy a piece of a private business jet at a fraction of the cost of whole
aircraft ownership, and guarantees availability 365 days a year with just
a few hours notice. The NetJets program has proven to be extremely
valuable for companies that have invested in whole aircraft ownership and
need NetJets to meet their supplemental lift requirements.

The NetJets fleet is the largest and most diversified including 13 of the
most popular business jets in the world. Access to the NetJets fleet is
also available in the form of an innovative short-term lease, sold on an
all-inclusive, pre-paid basis in 25-hour increments, through an exclusive
alliance with Marquis Jet Partners.

NetJets Inc. also offers aircraft management, charter management, and
on-demand charter services through its subsidiary, Executive Jet
Management. More information on NetJets, the Marquis Jet Partner Program,
and Executive Jet Management is available at