Insurance sales surpass pre-9/11 stats

Sales of travel insurance jumped after the terrorist attacks in 2001, but even in the second year after those events, insurance sales continued their climb—if the experience of Access America is an indicator.
The insurer, headquartered here, recorded a 43% uptick in insurance sales in the first seven months of 2003, compared with the first seven months of last year.
Some of that increase is attributable to the fact that the U.S. saw more travel in the first months of this year compared with a weak showing in the early months after the terrorists struck.
But, Access America also reports that it is now selling, on a month-by-month basis, an average of 61% more travel insurance than it sold in the months leading up to 9/11.
And that increase simply can`t be connected wholly to an increase in travel because travel still has not caught up with pre-9/11 numbers.