Scandinavian Airlines conducts customer testing of biometry

Using customer testing at two airports, Scandinavian Airlines is taking
the next step in its evaluation of biometry for simplified check-in and
embarkation. Biometry is the technology that can read a person`s unique
features, such as fingerprints, face or the iris of the eye.
As of the beginning of November, SAS frequent flyers at UmeƄ Airport
will be able to test passing through a turnstile at the gate to the
aircraft using their fingerprints. A few weeks later, a corresponding
test will be started at another Scandinavian airport, where the eye will
be scanned.
“We previously tested biometry internally using fingerprints, but
scanning the iris is new for us,” says Charlotte Rosengren-Edgren, head
of Product Innovation at Scandinavian Airlines. “We are now testing two
different ways to establish a flexible solution and to find out the
customers` reaction.”
The test, which will take six months, is being conducted using smart SAS
cards, on which the travelers` fingerprints or iris images have been
stored. At the gate, the card is read without requiring contact and then
the passenger puts his finger on or puts his eye in front of a scanner.
Identity is verified by a comparison of the fingerprint/iris and the
card content.

“Simple, secure and quick for the passenger,” continues Charlotte
A smart card with stored features means that the passenger carries his
own personal information. When a match is verified, SAS does not store
the information, thereby resolving the issue of personal integrity.
The reason for these tests is that various authorities are expected to
intensify their security requirements for airlines and airports, which
can lead to additional checking of passengers and luggage.
“Our challenge is therefore to raise the security level, while also
simplifying the travel process,” says Charlotte Rosengren-Edgren.
“Biometry offers us this possibility. Now we are going to test the
technology in practice.”

SAS has selected the Fyrplus company as supplier for this project.