Ryanair Response to Openjet

Ryanair offers the lowest fares in Europe only at www.ryanair.com, and millions of people already know that’s where to find Europe’s lowest fares. Consumers don’t need websites charging high fees for information that is FREE on www.ryanair.com.
Ryanair is committed to lowering travel costs by cutting out the middlemen and we pass on these savings in the form of lower fares.

Ryanair don’t believe that the public should be ripped-off by booking with Openjet which would be adding €10.00, which is 25% to the average Ryanair fare when they can always get the lowest fare by booking directly at www.ryanair.com. Openjet is not a ‘free’ service, as a €10.00 booking charge is added to all bookings.

For travel insurance Openjet is also ripping off consumers with rates over 100% MORE expensive than equivalent cover from www.ryanair.com. 10 Days cover for travel in Europe costs just €13.00 with Ryanair, compared to a ridiculous €28.75 charged by Openjet.com.

Ryanair will continue to oppose expensive middlemen like travel agents and Openjet.