Ryanair Welcomes Dublin Airport Closure

Ryanair today (Monday, 14th July 2003) welcomed the decision by the Aer Rianta Unions to close Dublin Airport for a few hours, proving their total disregard for the travelling public and delaying tens of thousands of holiday makers trying to get away today.

Ryanair`s Head of Communications Paul Fitzsimmons said:

“Thousands of holidaymakers have had their holidays ruined
by the selfishness of the unions. It shows just how out of touch the unions are particularly when the Minister confirmed that: `NONE of their jobs are threatened`
“This is further proof that Seamus Brennan`s decision to break up Aer Rianta was the right one. The union`s decision to close Dublin Airport shows that the Minister was right when he said: `competition works and monopolies don`t`.

“We are urging holiday makers who have been delayed today to write to Aer Rianta and demand compensation.”