SAA Salutes Africa`s Everest Star

04 June, 2003, JOHANNESBURG: South African Airways (SAA) will fly the first black African to climb the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, to Cape Town tomorrow, Thursday, 5 June.
Sibusiso Vilane will be the honoured guest of South African president, Thabo Mbeki during a parliamentary session.
He will be joined on the flight to Cape Town by his wife, Nomsa and 18 month-old child, Vukile. They will travel on flight SA 317 at 9am, returning to Johannesburg on Friday, 6 June on SA 314.
Vilane, a South African game ranger reached the top of the 8848 metre peak on Monday, 26 May, two months after beginning his adventure.
He has been in London since Saturday after departing Kathmandu.
SAA salutes Vilane, who has displayed great courage and defeated all odds to reach the top. Battling through hazardous and freezing conditions, he, like other African’s who have made their mark has proved nothing is impossible to conquer. Not even the world’s highest peak.
SAA congratulates Vilane on his remarkable achievement.