BA Give Tourism Chance to Shine

British Airways is calling upon global holidaymakers and tourism organisations to nominate responsible tourism projects, resorts, theme parks or other tourist attractions for this year’s Tourism for Tomorrow competition.
The awards aim to raise awareness of the world’s role models for sustainable tourism. The six categories are open to a wide range of organisations such as hotels, resorts, cruise ships, theme parks, camps, tour companies, national parks, old and new buildings and wildlife attractions.

Judged by a leading independent panel, the competition assesses the extent to which projects benefit the local community, protect the natural and cultural heritage, control energy and water use, and educate local people and visitors, contributing towards a better life for future generations.

The judges include tourism and environmental experts such as Sir Crispin Tickell, Professor David Bellamy, Martin Brackenbury, president of the International Federation of Tour Operators, and Nigel Winser, deputy director of the Royal Geographical Society.

Lord Marshall, chairman of British Airways said: “These awards promote the vital need for serious social and environmental consideration within tourism and were created by the industry for the industry, its consumers and the world-wide communities in which it operates.

“Holidaymakers are among the best ambassadors for guilt-free travel. They see first hand projects which work to combat the harmful effects of tourism, contribute to the local community, and ensure that future generations can enjoy the built and natural environments of this planet. This year we are calling for entries which can help create an ever-evolving catalogue of best practice in sustainable development.”


Amanda Marks, managing director of last year’s global winner, Tribes Travel, said: ” We were delighted and proud to win the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow award. It was a vindication of all our efforts in the field of responsible tourism. The award has given us a real boost by raising our profile, leading to an increase in bookings and greater recognition for our organisation throughout the wider tourism and environmental communities.”

Past winners include The Wetland Centre in Barnes, Straitens Hotel in Norfolk, Taybet Zaman Village Hotel and Resort in Jordan, Skyrail in Australia, Karimabad and Baltit Project Development in Pakistan, the Aspen Skiing Company, Coral Cay Conservation in Belize, a Himalayan conservation project in Nepal, a community project in Hawaii, Vale do Lima in Portugal and Chumbe Island Coral Park in Zanzibar.

The closing date for entries is 1 July 2003.