American Airlines Low Fares Top Billing

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines has launched its new I Flew. . . advertising campaign, continuing the carrier’s push to promote its low-fares/more-value messages with a new tagline “Get a great low fare. And a lot more airline.”

The ads are a departure from the carrier’s traditional advertising by showing real American Airlines customers who call out the low fares they actually paid.

“There’s no better approach than to let satisfied customers tell our story,” said Dan Garton, executive vice president-Marketing. “That’s exactly what we’ve done with this campaign. Testimonials from our customers are a powerful way to create a credible, motivating message.”

Garton said many consumers might not be aware that American offers fares as low as the low cost carriers. But even at those low fares, customers can find extra levels of service that are not available on all other carriers: American’s exclusive More Room Throughout Coach; the AAdvantage travel rewards program that offers more opportunities to earn and redeem miles worldwide; pre-reserved seat selection; and the largest global network.

“Our research shows that this message will succeed in today’s marketplace, where consumers are seeking greater value in every purchase, not just travel,” Garton added.


In January, American and its advertising agency, Temerlin McClain, spent three days canvassing the airline’s terminals at Chicago O’Hare, politely asking if customers got “a great low fare” and if so, requesting a brief interview that was videotaped. Approximately 400 customers agreed and the list was then winnowed down to a diverse cross section of 30 in early February. The 30 finalists were then videotaped and photographed for the ads that begin today.
The I Flew. . . campaign consists of 30-second television commercials, 60-second radio spots, plus newspaper, Internet banners, billboards and transit ads in four cities: Chicago and St. Louis TV ads started Monday, and ads in other media begins Thursday; New York and Los Angeles begin March 31. The TV ads also will run nationally on selected cable channels, beginning March 31. The campaign runs through late spring.

The print and radio ads also include tips on how to get the best possible fares: “Just plan ahead, be flexible with travel dates and times, and book ” American included those words to emphasize that the low fares are readily available through American’s award-winning Web site,