Ryanair NO. 1 for Punctuality

Once again, Ryanair is the Number 1 low fares airline for punctuality over the past 24 weeks.

Rather than take responsibility for their inefficiency, Easyjet has resorted to blaming their passengers for their delays. In addition to poor punctuality statistics for the week ending 16th February 2003, they issued a news release claiming that “a major cause of flight delays is passengers arriving late” and exhort them to “proceed straight to the departure gate after checking in”. Where else would they go?

Commenting on the punctuality figures today, Ryanair`s Head of Communications, Paul Fitzsimmons, today said:
“Ryanair has consistently proved that if you pay attention
to efficient turnaround times, and being clear about check-in and departure times, then punctuality becomes the standard. And it`s Ryanair that`s setting the standard as the No 1 on-time airline in 21 of the last 24 weeks.”

“Easyjet are again trailing Ryanair`s No.1 punctuality statistics this week, but at least they have published them most weeks, unlike the High Fare airlines such as Lufthansa, BA, Air France, Alitalia, Aer Lingus and SAS. What have they got to hide?

“Our statistics continue to highlight why Ryanair`s traffic numbers are growing at 35% per annum - because we provide what customers really want:


The lowest air fares in Europe -
The No1 customer service package,  -
And the best punctuality as well!”