Cathay Pacific Agrees to Meet Union

Cathay Pacific Airways today confirmed that it has agreed to meet with representatives of the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association (HKAOA).
In December, the HKAOA contacted the Company and proposed to cease all industrial action including contract compliance, or work to rule, and its pilot recruiting ban, and requested a meeting so that Cathay Pacific could outline its requirements for dialogue to commence.
The airline agreed to the HKAOA`s request, and this is the purpose of tomorrow`s meeting.
Cathay Pacific Director Corporate Development Tony Tyler said: “Our position remains as it has always been: before we can re-engage in dialogue, the HKAOA has to demonstrate a genuine intention and desire to work in a co-operative manner with the company rather than against its corporate needs and objectives. Of course, this will require the ending of all forms of industrial action, but the most important requirement is confirmation from the HKAOA that they share the goal of achieving cost efficiencies and productivity improvements for the airline.”