Sören Belin Appointed COO at Scandinavian

Sören Belin has been appointed to succeed J¿rgen Lindegaard as Chief
Operating Officer (COO) of Scandinavian Airlines, effective February 15,
2003. As leader of the Group`s largest company, Sören Belin will also
become a member of SAS AB`s Group Management.

The SAS Board has decided that Group Management shall be expanded by one
additional member with the appointment of Sören Belin as Executive Vice
President of the SAS Group.
Sören Belin, 49, is a resident of Knivsta, Sweden and has many years
experience within the transport and aviation industries. He joins SAS
from the consulting firm Carta Booz Allen & Hamilton, where he was a
partner and worked with the process of change within Scandinavian
Airlines, among other projects.
Between 1995-98, he worked for ASG as Vice President and Sales Director,
among other senior positions.
Prior to that, in 1990-95, Belin was employed by SAS within the
company`s station operations. Between 1993-95, he was responsible for
SAS station operations in Sweden.
“Following an extensive recruitment process, we have finally found the
right person to shoulder the challenges faced by Scandinavian Airlines.
Sören Belin has solid hands-on experience of our sector and is highly
competent to lead the process of change that is of special significance
to us at the present time,” says J¿rgen Lindegaard, President and Chief
Executive Officer (CEO) of the SAS Group.
“Scandinavian Airlines` personnel can stand tall and feel proud of their
achievements. They are working for a very strong company, which I know
from experience, shows its real strength when the going gets tough. The
current situation is difficult; the market is declining and competition
is intensifying, but we must adapt to the new conditions,” says Sören
Belin, designated COO of Scandinavian Airlines.
A CV and photograph is available at www.scandinavian.net under the
“About SAS” tab.