Company Chiefs Use Low-Cost Airlines

Bosses are deserting business class on scheduled airlines in favour of low-fare carriers such as easyJet, according to a survey from Company Barclaycard.

The survey, which was based on responses from 500,000 Barclaycard corporate cardholders, revealed that seven in 10 chief executives said they had flown on a budget airline in the last year - and as many as 97% of these chief executives said they would fly with a low-cost carrier again.

The survey also revealed the increasing popularity of no-frills airlines with people travelling on buiness generally, with over half stating that they had flown with low-cost carriers such as easyJet. Of these, 94% said they they were happy with the experience and would definitely use them again. Of those business travellers who did not fly with a low-cost airline last year, 63% would consider doing so in the future.

Such impressive statistics illustrate that low-cost airlines such as easyJet have established a solid reputation in the business travel market, and businesses are clearly making substantial savings as a result.

easyJet, now Europe`s number one low cost airline since it`s merger with Go, offers an excellent service to business passengers. With frequent daily flights on 100 routes across 36 airports, its network covers many of Europe`s major business destinations. And, as well as a great-value, reliable and convenient service, easyJet also offers business passengers the flexibility they often require; for a £10 fee plus any difference in fare, passengers can change the details of their travel arrangements.